About Us

swugo is a Dutch startup on a mission accelerate the electrification of active, human-scale urban mobility. We develop and deploy smart energy storage and distribution systems to power light electric vehicles.

Good, Green Fun

We love the freedom and friendliness that bicycles bring to city life. Our products and services make getting around your city fast and fun.

From Boosters to Bikes

Founded by two engineers, we're passionate about using new technology to solve todays pressing problems.

Technology Platform

Smart Battery

Cost-effective smart batteries for micromobility. They can be used standalone or within our battery network.

Energy Network

Swap stations make it possible to instantly exchange an empty battery for a full one. No more hassel with charging or range anxiety.

Smart Control

Control algorithms maximize availability and battery life. Batteries only operate when authorized, so you don't have to worry about them getting stolen.

Our Team


Founder and CEO


Founder and COO